Year: 2021

  • Pole Vibes are the Best!

    Have you ever had a home away from home? A place you go to that feels like a safe place. A place that you describe as your happy place? A happy place where you feel comfortable and respected. A happy place where you feel…. at home? Well our Pole Studio is described in this way […]

  • 3 Scenarios of Being a Woman

    I was sitting in a café feeling the emotional nurturing of a hot pot of tea on a wet day.  Next to me were a group of older women – some I recognised from a local women’s group who promoted standing for women’s rights. A local women’s group who advocates equality, education, and an end […]

  • The Intrigue of Pole

    Of all the fitness related activities I have ever done I would have to say Pole is the one that has and still does, capture my attention and fill me with excitement. I look forward to every session. I wear my pole kisses with pride. I search through You Tube for seemingly effortless shapes to […]