2022, Aerial Swing @ CoffsCoastPoleFit (casual or course)




Aerial Swing @CoffsCoastPoleFit was introduced into our Studio a few years ago, stopped over COVID and made a comeback during early 2021. Aerial Swing @CoffsCoastPoleFit is deemed as a small group Personal Training Session as we have limited the class numbers to 5 to ensure everyone gets personalised instruction.

Aerial Swing was mainly introduced to assist our Pole Participants to be more comfortable in inverting (going upside down), as well as to gain upper body strength and general body flexibility and stretching. Aerial Swing ends with a pretty cool optional cocooned relaxtion section and is a great way to start or finish your day.

You can utilise this great addition to our timetable by including it in your CoffsCoastPoleFit Membership+ (best option) enrolling in it for the 10week block (preferred option) or using it as a casual class.

This class can be done casually or part of your Coffs Coast PoleFit Membership. If you’d like to save money and do it as part of your Membership, please contact Jacqui on 0421971155 for the code.

Additional information

Aerial Swing

Monday 7.45pm BOOKED OUT FOR TERM 2, Wednesday 22/06/22 5.30pm, Saturday 25/06/22 8.30am, Wednesday 29/6/22 5:30pm, Saturday 2/7/22 8:30am, Wednesday 6/7/22 5:30pm, Saturday 9/7/22 8:30am, SUNDAY 10/7/22 6.40pm, Wednesday 13/7/22, 5.30pm, NO CLASS Saturday 16/7/22