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Pilates @ CoffsCoastPoleFit is a class/course designed to increase and improve your body awareness as well as your core strength and flexibility through the teachings of Joseph Pilates as well as foundation FitBall exercises. Your instructor Jacqui has over 25 years experience in these areas and knows how important it is for women in particular to understand the foundation of their core awareness and postural positioning.

You can utilise this great addition to our timetable by including it in your CoffsCoastPoleFit Membership+ (best option) enrolling in it for the 10week block (preferred option) or using it as a casual class.

If you would like to enrol in this course as a casual ($25/per session) then you can do so weekly and ahead of time as the dates are updated.
If you choose to Enrol in this course for a 10week block then you an book in for that timeframe with the discounted rate of $200.
If you would like to add this class/course it into your Membership+ then please contact Jacqui on 0421971155.

Pilates @CoffsCoastPoleFIt is offered on Wednesday lunchtimes 12.30pm, however it works very well with BodyBARRE, Pilates, Stretch and Flex, and any of the CoffsCoastPoleFit Courses.

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Course from Wednesday 21/4/2021 12.30pm 10 weeks, Casual Classl Wednesday 21/4/2021 12.30pm, Casual Class Wednesday 28/4/2021 12.30pm, Casual Class Wednesday 5/5/2021 12.30pm

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