Intermediate Mornings




The mid morning courses are courses where anyone can join and also mums or dads can bring their bubs/toddlers to class. Children are required though to stay in a pram, or sit on our lounge area. They are not permitted to wander around the studio.

This timeslot is for Intermediate Polers. Beginner 2 moves are refined and strength moves continued while Polers learn inversions and upside down tricks and combinations. You can book into this course for a 5 week or a 10 week school term course.

Payment for this course is already set at the concession rate price. Payment is upfront through paypal, cash or bank transfer, or a direct debit payment plan can be organised. Please contact us if a payment plan is preferred. Coffs Coast PoleFit direct debit Membership is also available.

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Intermediate Mornings

26/10/2020 Fri 10.00-11.00am – 5 Weeks